W3CA is not related in any form to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). And we also can't afford a membership there - at least - not yet.
Hello everyone, my name is Michaela. I am a coder, web-developer and programmer for more than 20 years. Back when the web was brand spanking new, I didn’t have JavaScript, CSS, not even databases or anything resembling a server-side language. I managed, piped the HTML-source through CGI programs (developed in “C”) so that I could convert variables like $firstname into “Michaela”. I used this technology to create “germany.net” (Deutsch, English,Google tranlation) - one of the very first web-based online-services, at a time where most people were using AOL or Compuserve. In other words: I started web-conding when Google, Mozilla and others weren't even a thought in their inventor's minds. When I sold germany.net in 1999, we had about half a million users in Germany. That’s a lot – giving the fact that it was still quite early in “Internet-time” - most people were still using dial-in modems - and that the service was limited to Germany. But the age of the interactive web had started.

Our web has grown into something much more substantial, thanks to the leadership of the W3C and the work of the free software communities, the countless developers at Google, Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft to name just a few.

But of course, there were also the thousands and thousands of "web-workers" around the world. Without us, the web would be meaningless. We work for our own, for small and large businesses. But our voices, our ideas and suggestions don't usually reach all the way through the powerful organizations that guide and control the web-technologies we have to work with. We deserve a seat at the table. Our voices should be heard. Nobody has more experience, more know-how and more spirit than us. And that's why I think the web-developers around the world should join forces and channel their efforts into a powerful new organization of our own.

Finally - this is not about me. I am calling for web-developers who are willing to help. Let's create the legal and organizational structure, the web-site, the SEO, whatever is necessary to get this thing flying. I am just the person crazy enough to spark the idea. I am sure there are people much more qualified to lead our new organization. Let's find those folks and help them the best we can.

For now - please leave your email-address to join the mailing-list. I am not going to use your email-address for anything else but to keep you posted about what's going on with W3CA.

Have a great time hacking the web and thanks for reading.

Twitter: @mischmerz, @w3ca1

PS: I realize that this is not a top-notch website. But you've got to get started somewhere. I just whipped something up and hope some of you are going to volunteer to build something better.
Created on the fly on Monday, July 15th, 2019 - © Michaela Merz